Review: Prague – the hidden gem of Europe

Prague – for me – was one of the nicest breaks I’ve ever had. After working for a full year without any sort of holiday I had decided that enough was enough and couldn’t take looking at a computer screen anymore! My family holidays were always Spanish holidays, which don’t get me wrong I enjoyed, however I wanted something a bit different so it was decided that we would go to Prague instead.

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Time: October 2016
  • Airlines: Arriving via Ryanair, Leaving via Aer Lingus
  • Flight time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

After doing the usual routine of arriving to Dublin airport, moving through the slow queue and having the casual drink before the flight, we were aboard our flight to Prague. Is it just tradition that the Irish drink alcohol before going on a flight? Many times I have seen people at the Dublin Airport bar in Terminal One “skulling” pints early in the morning. Personally I couldn’t stomach alcohol at 6am but whatever makes them happy!

Credit: corporate.ryanair.comryanair-aircraft-(4)

It’s been said that Ryanair are one of the least liked airlines in Europe. Many bad comments have been made about the airline but personally I actually find them enjoyable to fly with. For the price you pay for your flight, you are given an okay-ish seat with decent legroom. The meals, personally, I find expensive but considering we got our flights for 3 people for €260 I think it’s something I can deal with.

Somewhere over the homeland!


The flight itself was pleasant, departing on time and arriving 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Organised by my sister (mainly because I couldn’t organise a sandwich never mind an airport pickup!) we were picked up in a Mercedes and brought to our hotel. The car was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep! For the equivalent cost of €30 we arrived  safe, refreshed and happy.



The hotel we stayed in was the Panorama Hotel. Located in the suburb of Praha 4, it was a pleasant stay. Upon arrival we were shown to our room located on the 6th floor where we were given a stunning view of the suburb. Apparently we were given an “upgraded” room with another bed for myself, however what I was given was a blow-up mattress on some table legs. Not quite what I was suspecting but I was that tired from travelling, and not wanting to make a fuss, that I accepted my rubbery fate.

The restaurant, located on the ground floor right beside the reception area, had a quaint and peaceful feel to it. If you plan on bringing your kids then this wouldn’t be the place to bring them. The food provided by the staff was excellent on the first night and surprisingly poor on our second night. On our second night my sister found a hair within her food and politely said it to the waiter. Within 10 minutes we were offered a second serving, which we declined as we felt our meal had been spoiled, however the manager allowed us to have her meal and all of our drinks for free with a 10% discount off our bill, as well as apologising at least 15 times.

Trying the local beer:


The tram stop to Prague is located 5 minutes walk away from the hotel. For the equivalent of roughly €3 for a return ticket, you’ll have a 10 minute tram ride to the city centre. Upon leaving the Muzeum tram stop, here is your view:


Like O’Connell street in Dublin, various high-end shops and hotels are located on both sides. If you continue straight down (after you’ve finished your shopping) you’ll end up walking straight into the Old Town Square. Lively and absolutely massive, it’s full of culture and excitement. To be honest it feels like stepping back in time as some of the sites to see within the square were absolutely magnificent.

Unfortunately we did not have time to go to the other fantastic attractions such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle but if you do plan to stay in Prague for more than a couple of days these places would be highly recommended. Both are extremely accessible by tram line.

Sadly our time in Prague had to come to an end. Arriving back at Prague airport, things are a little different. You don’t get scanned through security until you are at the gate ready to board. I feel this slows up the process and takes away free time from passengers as after being told that boarding was commencing, we were still waiting another 40 minutes before boarding actually took place.


aer lingus

As both flights were booked separately, we decided to try Aer Lingus coming home as we had never flown with them. I had somehow made the mistake of booking priority boarding and seats within the first 4 rows of the aircraft (no idea how, I blame the mobile app!) but with more legroom and comfier seats compared to our previous flight, we weren’t complaining.

Flight attendants were extremely courteous and nothing was too much trouble. Everyone aboard the flight was looked after efficiently and quickly. Leaving on time and arriving 5 minutes or so ahead of schedule, we enjoyed our flight. As you can see we were happy coming home!


Thanks for reading! Any feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂


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