Review: Panorama Hotel, Prague – Elegant Quality

Like I said in my previous post, Prague was one of the nicest breaks I’ve ever had. Sorry just needed to repeat that, because it was that enjoyable. I don’t think I’ve experienced a place more lively and cultured than this wonderful city. If you want to read about my Czech experience then click here.

Spoiler alert: It was great!

However right now I’ll tell you about our little stay in the Panorama Hotel.

  • Hotel Name: Panorama Hotel
  • Location: Praha 4, Prague
  • Hotel rating: 4 stars
  • Duration: 4 days – Tuesday to Friday, October 2016



Located in the Praha 4 suburb of Prague, it is roughly a 30 minute drive from Prague’s main airport – Václav Havel Airport. The cost for 3 people in a sedan style car to the hotel is between €21.50 to €30.50 depending on the style of transport and if you give the driver a tip or not. With their happy and professional attitude you should definitely give them a tip!


Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 09.09.39

The ride was surprisingly comfortable with the driver pointing out the main attractions as we went through the main city centre. It’s been said that Czech people have a friendly attitude and this was definitely shown!

A 5 minute walk away from the hotel is the Arkády Pankrác shopping centre. Full of both high-end and low-end shops and restaurants, it’s a great alternative if you don’t want to eat or shop in the city centre or at the hotel. Beside that is the Pankrác metro station that is on the “C” line. For the equivalent of a €3 return ticket, you can access the main city centre of Prague by getting the metro heading towards Letňany and getting off four stops later at the Muzeum metro station.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted by the friendly and efficient receptionist (I have forgot her name completely sorry!) who told us about the hotel. Breakfast was served between 7am and 10am and that the bar was open all day and up until 12pm that night. A downside, to which we were disappointed, was that there was the equivalent value of a €50 deposit needed if you wanted to access the pool and gym over the course of 4 days. We only used the pool twice. This is totally unnecessary in my opinion if you’re only going to access the pool once or twice over the week. Would you pay €25 each day to access your local gym swimming pool twice? The pool and gym are located on the top floor, which also includes massage treatment rooms that can be paid for separately.

Credit: TripAdvisor

Reception Area

The elegant lobby is absolutely huge with the bar located right beside the reception. Behind the bar there is a business centre with access to high-spec computers and a quiet atmosphere to concentrate on your work. I am pretty sure the receptionist stated there is an extra cost to access this but to be honest, there is wifi access all over the hotel that is pretty good and, providing you have some device to access it, is more than sufficient. Find a spot on the sofas and off you go! Located straight ahead of you past the reception is some glass containers containing jewellery and pottery you can buy. But with the prices I seen, personally I wouldn’t bother. Past the pottery is the bathrooms.

We were told that we could upgrade our room to the “Superior” room for an extra €20 or so which we gladly took a hold of by the…neck. Accessing the 6th floor via the lifts, our home for the next few days awaited. The room itself had a slight elegant but old feel to it. Everything was clean with no complaints, even if the decoration of the room did look slightly outdated. All amenities were provided – TV, kettle for tea, towels etc. My bed for the couple of days was a blow-up mattress that was placed on some table legs beside the double bed. Nothing quite “superior” about it at all but to be honest, after travelling all day, I wasn’t going to complain. Surprisingly comfy I must say.



The bathroom was absolutely spotless. Clean and crisp, with marble sink, toilet, shower and bath provided. Slightly bigger than normal hotel bathrooms which is a plus. Maybe this is what they meant by superior? There is ample storage for women’s make-up by the sink, with a heated towel rack also. For some unknown reason there is also a telephone, incase you have to call reception while sitting on the golden throne? TV sound also plays through to the bathroom through a speaker, for some folk this could be very distracting.

Crisp and clean!

We decided, after checking out the room, to get some food at the bar downstairs. The bar itself seemed to be quiet during the day and this didn’t change when we entered around 8pm. The staff were extremely nice to everyone while still looking and acting professional. The bar offered both hot and cold food such as sandwiches, steak, pasta etc, which were all very well-priced. Since I’m not afraid to try new things (like starting this blog!) I tried the local beer – Budweiser (no not the one you’re thinking of) which had a stout-like taste but since I’m Irish I guess I’m used to it. Very tasty.


Second night at the bar was however- not to sound too rude – horrible. I ordered a triple-decker style sandwich that was meant to be warm – which came out cold. Not to make a fuss (and because I was starving) I ate my cold sandwich. My sister ordered the same thing but it came with an extra ingredient – a brunette hair that did not belong to her. Saying this to the waiter who was strolling past, within 10 minutes we had a manager beside our table offering us apologies and different offers. We declined a second meal but he did still offer us to have our drinks for free, plus no charge for the discarded meal, plus a 10% discount also. Even with these apologies, our meal was spoiled and for the next two nights we ate out instead.

Some pretty buildings surround the hotel!

Even with the food disaster on the second night, overall our stay in the Panorama was quite pleasant. The staff were more than happy to help us if we had any questions such as attractions and tram access. Waiters and bar staff acted professional and courteous when needed. With the elegant feel to it, the hotel deserves the 4 star recommendation that it has been given. Yes I’d come back here and stay, even if it’s just to try the beer again(*Homer Simpson drooling noises).

Thanks for reading! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂



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