Passengers left stranded by Ryanair??

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Let’s cut to the chase. If you pay an airline for flights you expect to get to the destination in some sort of organised manner. Plain and simple. However, if you can’t make it to your destination due to different factors such as the weather or technical faults, you expect the airline to take some responsibility and provide you with an alternative. Whether this is a hotel to stay in for the night, a place on a later flight or some sort of compensation if neither can be done.


Passengers of the F1926 flight from Dublin to Wroclaw, Poland were not given any of these options. The flight took off as normal on Wednesday 28th of June and was expected to land in the Polish city at 11:05pm local time. However due to bad thunderstorms in the Polish city which made it unsafe for landing, the flight was diverted to Berlin, Germany.

What happened in the German city was a farce and totally unacceptable to the passengers who paid for the service. As it’s common practice, airlines usually organise alternative transport or put passengers in a hotel for the night and place them on a flight the following morning, if there is an issue. Upon landing in Berlin, passengers were first told that a bus would take them to Wroclaw which is roughly 3 hours away. However they were then told  that transport could not be organised and to make their own way to Poland. Yes you read that right. Make their own way to Poland.

Imagine paying for an airline ticket, to make it just over half way to your destination, and then to be told that you have to do the rest of the journey yourself. Yes the flights are cheap enough anyway but you expect to be provided and delivered with an organised service if there is disruption. Ryanair have stated that passengers will need to provide receipts of their transport methods in order to be reimbursed. Personally I’d demand a refund.

It is not stated whether passengers took an alternative flight from Berlin to Wroclaw or if they used public transport to do the rest of their journey. Don’t get me wrong, Ryanair are great if you want “no-frills” cheap flights to Europe destinations and most of the time the service is fine. However to leave passengers stranded in a foreign country is totally unacceptable.

Providing a bad service such as this leaves customers with a sour taste in their mouth and some totally out of pocket. I especially feel sorry for the families who were travelling with smaller children.

My next flight with Ryanair is a late-night flight to London – Luton in September. Let’s see how that pans out!

Thanks for reading. Any feedback is appreciated. 🙂



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