About Me

Howdy! If you’ve stumbled upon this page you are either:

  1. A beginner travel blogger like myself.
  2. Extremely bored and need to laugh at something.

Anyways, I’ve started this blog in order to give an insight into my travels around this mad world. If you have made it this far then I might as well tell you all a little about myself!

My name is Aaron. 23 years old and here is my ugly mush:


I am from a little town in Ireland called Bray. Currently I am working in IT but maybe one day that will change thanks to this blog!

What makes my blog different from the thousands (millions?) of other travel blogs out there? Haven’t a notion!

How I came into travelling is actually a mystery that I’ll probably never figure out. Since I was young I’ve always had the itch to go away to some random place in the world. Call me an explorer maybe? I’ve always loved the buzz of starting my holiday. From the airport bus, to the wait through security, to the flight and everything after!

Starting this blog isn’t a mystery! The inspiration actually came from an ex co-worker of mine who is an avid travel blogger himself. All of Trent’s posts can be found here. Serious content to be found on his posts!

Every aspect of this travel blog will be self-funded. First investment will be a GoPro camera. If all goes well you may see a few videos!

Spoiler alert: My first couple of posts will be reviews of trips to Liverpool in the UK, Reykjavik in Iceland and Prague in the Czech Republic. All economy class flights so don’t get your hopes up!

Spoiler alert #2: Myself and my girlfriend will be flying business class for the first time ever (It’s a surprise shhh) so there will also be a review of that coming soon!